About us

Esscroft Private Nursery – more than just childcare

Our long-established setting marries together a home-from-home experience with passionate, driven qualified staff to ensure your child’s day is a fun and rich learning one.

Our team have a wealth of experience in Early Years and understand how children develop, thrive and learn through play and first-hand experiences.

The Nursery is open from 7:45am till 6pm Monday through Friday and for 51 weeks of the year.

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Staff make good use of challenging questioning to encourage children to be active learners, who are confident to think critically. This helps children to make good progress in their learning and development.

Our Ethos and Philosophy

Esscroft Private Nursery aims to provide a high standard of individual and group care, ensuring all children are valued and respected equally. Children are supported in various ways; developing relationships, by good role modelling, social interaction, speaking and listening opportunities, fun, play-based activities, observation and assessment.

We also focus on working one to one and setting up child-led meaningful activities to support children’s learning. The vast outdoor space gives us endless opportunities to explore and develop their physical development.

Staff provide good opportunities for children to benefit from physical exercise and fresh air. For instance, children thoroughly enjoy bird watching in a designated area. This helps children to learn about nature and living things.

Space to Learn and Grow

There is a wide range of excellent outdoor and indoor space and resources; well-planned activities and lots of scope for adventurous and imaginative play.

Our woodland and nature trail give children a sense of the diversity and wonder of the natural world and their place within it.

Our Setting

Esscroft Private Nursery opened in 1993 and is proud of its commitment to the community by continuing to provide excellent care and education. The setting is registered to accommodate up to eighty children aged three months to five years old. The stunning Victorian estate, a family home, ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere awaits your child.

Children enjoy creating pictures with paints and water play. Staff support children well and encourage children to explore their own ideas and develop their critical-thinking skills.

The team comprising of the Manager and Deputy, both qualified Primary Teachers; and qualified Childcare practitioners all work closely with the families to provide days full of fun and adventure!

Esscroft Private Nursery aims to:

  • Provide activities that are appropriate to ensure that children acquire the necessary skills, concepts and attitudes that form part of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Promote the Three Prime Areas – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and language and Physical development.
  • Reflect on children’s needs and interests and ensure that activities meet their individual needs.
  • Create an atmosphere where every child feels secure, valued and confident.
  • Acknowledge parents in their role as children’s prime educators and seek to promote a partnership with them that develops a shared understanding with mutual respect and dialogue.
  • Pay high regard to health and safety to meet the needs of young children with appropriate space, facilities and equipment.
  • Monitor, assess and keep records of skills and progression.
  • Develop a positive learning environment by providing good resources/materials.
  • Ensure no child is excluded or disadvantaged because of his or her race, culture or religion, home language, family background, special educational needs, disability, gender or ability. Our policy is that all children should feel included, secure and valued.

Views from Parents and Carers

  • Lyn B (Grandmother)

    I would like to say that this is a lovely nursery. I take my granddaughter in 2 days a week and she runs in saying bye bye granny. She is a happy little 2 and a half-year-old and she is thriving in this setting. I am full of admiration for the staff in every aspect within the nursery. I am writing this review as I believe in giving credit where it is due. People are quick to complain about things so it feels good to give praise.

  • Helen F (Mum)

    Both my boys have attended Esscroft and I would highly recommend it, the staff are friendly, they have a huge outdoor-safe-area and the nursery has a cosy homely feel to it, both boys have excelled here and were prepared and confident when starting school, most importantly though they both loved going, they were always smiling when I dropped them off and picked them up...plus an added bonus was the value for money and flexible payment options.

  • D R

    Excellent nursery. My son goes 3 days per week and enjoys his time there. The staff are really helpful and truly seem to care about the children. We moved our child here from a nursery where he wasn’t settling in and we have never regretted it. The setting is also absolutely brilliant with lots of open space and safe outdoor play areas so they are not cooped up inside all the time.

  • Darren G (Dad)

    Esscroft is a fantastic nursery, all the staff are friendly and always work hard to make my child feel very welcome when she arrives. My daughter always enjoys herself, and with a balance of fun and education, Esscroft has helped nurture her to become a very confident, secure 4yr old. One of the best features of Esscroft is their ability to be flexible with dates and times and are always very accommodating of day to day family needs.

    The summer party is a true demonstration of just how much they love working with children, it has to be experienced!

  • Laura W (Mum)

    My little boy attends Esscroft nursery 3 days a week and he has a great time. He is 3 years old and really does thrive in this setting. The outdoor space at Esscroft is unrivalled in the area. The staff are lovely, they are very caring and encourage the children in all aspects of play and learning. Our experience of Esscroft Nursery has been fantastic and we would definitely recommend to others.

  • Jessica S (Mum)

    The outdoor space and ability for kids to explore themselves is fantastic, with activities from craft, dance, learning and life skills, it has developed our daughter in leaps and bounds. We couldn’t ask for a nicer place for her to be when we’re at work. The home from home feel is reassuring and our daughter is excited for her days at Esscroft to play with her friends. We can’t thank them enough, and would highly recommend it to any future parents looking for a nursery.

  • Lucy D (Mum)

    Esscroft is a fabulous nursery. We know we are extremely lucky that our daughter and son are able to attend. It has a magical environment, the greatest of all outdoor and indoor spaces with caring and nurturing staff. We wouldn’t consider any other nursery. Every need is met and more - our children love their nursery days.

  • Emma (Mum)

    What a place! The staff are well experienced and so friendly. The setting is second to none with amazing facilities and lots to do, so many toys, bird watching area, extensive grounds, tennis court the list goes on. Homecooked balanced meals and healthy snacks. It really is amazing and I'll be sad for my daughter to leave for school.

  • Guy W (Dad)

    My two youngest children have both attended Esscroft Nursery and really, really enjoyed their time there. The nursery is a real home-from-home, with very experienced staff and a great ethos of learning through play. The facilities are unrivalled, giving children the opportunity to experience different environments and a huge variety of activities. I really can't recommend Esscroft highly enough.

  • Rebecca M (Mum)

    My daughter and now my son have attended Esscroft spanning the last three years, and if I had another child I would send them here as well. My children love the outdoor space, and the owner and the staff work so hard to ensure the children are having fun.

  • Sarah G (Mum)

    My son has been attending Esscroft for 18 months and absolutely loves it. It was recommended to me by a friend whose son also attended. She "sold" it to me because of the caring ethos of the staff, the homemade dinners, the idyllic rural environment and a setting that caters for plenty of outdoor activities - including the "potting shed-cum-bird watching house", the merry-go-round, trampolines and outdoor play area. And I have to say, it has lived up to every expectation, and more. I leave my son at Esscroft 3 days a week, knowing he is happy, well cared for and fulfilled.

  • Kelly (Mum)

    Esscroft is a wonderful environment where children are invited to be themselves and flourish under the guidance of a team who truly care for all the children. In a magical setting, they spend lots of time outdoors in the pavilion, play area, tennis courts and gardens - outdoor space like this is unheard of in most childcare settings, it's particularly rare in Ilkley. Two of my children have attended, and I’ve been delighted with the care they have received.

  • Marylyn B (Mum)

    My daughter has attended Esscroft for 8 months and just loves it. The facilities are exceptional, the outdoor areas are fabulous not only for playing but learning too. The management and staff are excellent, so friendly and caring and they are always accommodating to adding extra days, even at short notice which is a great bonus as so many nurseries cannot offer this. I cannot recommend Esscroft enough, it's by far the best nursery we visited and has surpassed all expectations.

  • Chris L (Dad)

    My daughter has attended for over a year now, and we are really happy. She always comes home happy, the staff are very attentive and the whole operation right down to the food served is very good. They always have many activities, such as trampoline, mini disco, bouncy castles, and they have a great outdoor play area where the kids have plenty to do. Would recommend very highly.

  • Hazel B (Mum)

    Our four year old has attended Esscroft for over two years and has enjoyed every minute. It feels like his home from home. We appreciate the flexibility and how nice the staff are. We are pleased to be sending his younger brother there very soon.