Why Choose Us?

Why choose Esscroft Private Nursery?

We appreciate finding good quality childcare can be a difficult task for parents and carers. There are lots of things to be aware of and to remember to ask when you visit a childcare setting. Will your child be happy? Will their needs be met? Will you receive feedback about how your child is progressing? What if your child doesn't settle into the nursery routine?

It is vital you have trust and confidence in the childcare we provide and we work hard to ensure you have all the information required to make an informed choice. The following are just a few of the qualities we feel makes us a great choice....

  • Our Qualified teachers and childcare practitioners will listen, observe and respond to the individual needs of your child.
  • We create a happy relaxed atmosphere, this aids learning and ensures children feel safe and secure in our care.
  • We have lots of space both indoors and particularly outdoors where we have a Carousel, Nature trails, secure play area and an outdoor classroom.
  • We plan fun activities for the children each day and incorporate the childrens interests.
  • We ensure children exercise but also are able to relax and have quiet time.
  • We always provide a warm welcome for you and your child.
  • We actively encourage and welcome parent involvement.
  • We provide regular feedback on how your child is progressing in nursery.
  • Open from 8am till 6pm Monday through Friday, 51 weeks a year.

Our Facilities

Esscroft Private Nursery is set in 2.5 acres of parkland. The main building is a distinctive victorian residence the ground floor of which is devoted to the nursery. There are four rooms within the ground floor and a further two rooms positioned within the grounds. Our grounds also provide a large play area, tennis court, trampolines, carousel and woodland nature trail for the children to explore, and is represented by the image below.

Our qualified teachers and childcare practitioners are devoted to bringing out the best in your child's abilities within our safe and stimulating educational environment. We highly recommend a visit to see the range of facilities we can offer your child and to enable us to answer any questions you may have.

Learning Journeys

Recording your child's learning journey. We offer all parents the opportunity to have one of these lovely and unique children's memory keepsakes. All children have a Key Worker and part of their role is to contribute to your child’s Learning Journey Albums which comprise of photos of your child in action, some of their artwork, observations and achievements whilst at the setting. It is important to extend this learning journey to the child's home environment.

Parents/Carers are welcome to contribute by informing us of special events, there are ‘wow’ slips available and we would love to hear about key events, moments and achievements. This all helps to build a picture of your child and how they are developing. This in turn helps us to meet their interests and needs and extend their learning accordingly.

All Learning Journeys are kept at nursery and Parents/Carers are encouraged to look at these to share the successes of their child’s time at Esscroft.

What Parents say about Esscroft Nursery

  • D R

    Excellent nursery. My son goes 3 days per week and enjoys his time there. The staff are really helpful and truly seem to care about the children. We moved our child here from a nursery where he wasn’t settling in and we have never regretted it. The setting is also absolutely brilliant with lots of open space and safe outdoor play areas so they are not cooped up inside all the time.

  • Darren G (Dad)

    Esscroft is a fantastic nursery, all the staff are friendly and always work hard to make my child feel very welcome when she arrives. My daughter always enjoys herself, and with a balance of fun and education, Esscroft has helped nurture her to become a very confident, secure 4yr old. One of the best features of Esscroft is their ability to be flexible with dates and times and are always very accommodating of day to day family needs.

    The summer party is a true demonstration of just how much they love working with children, it has to be experienced!

  • Laura W (Mum)

    My little boy attends Esscroft nursery 3 days a week and he has a great time. He is 3 years old and really does thrive in this setting. The outdoor space at Esscroft is unrivalled in the area. The staff are lovely, they are very caring and encourage the children in all aspects of play and learning. Our experience of Esscroft Nursery has been fantastic and we would definitely recommend to others.

  • Lorna P (Mum)

    Esscroft is a fantastic nursery. I highly recommend it. My 3-year-old daughter attends 4 days a week, as did my 6-year-old daughter when she was younger. Both of them have been very very happy there. I feel lucky that they have had such a positive and enriching nursery experience. The facilities and space is like no other. It has a home from home feel and there are lots of different areas (inside and out) for them to play and learn.

    They do varied activities and I always have a large collection of artwork coming home! On special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, the transition to school, mother’s day and father’s day etc) a real effort is made with a thoughtful touch, which creates great memories. The staff are great and my daughter loves them....she would have invited them to their party if they could have!!! Lots of them have been there for years and year which is reassuring. Esscroft really is a hidden gem!

  • Jessica S (Mum)

    The outdoor space and ability for kids to explore themselves is fantastic, with activities from craft, dance, learning and life skills, it has developed our daughter in leaps and bounds. We couldn’t ask for a nicer place for her to be when we’re at work. The home from home feel is reassuring and our daughter is excited for her days at Esscroft to play with her friends. We can’t thank them enough, and would highly recommend it to any future parents looking for a nursery.

  • Lucy D (Mum)

    Esscroft is a fabulous nursery. We know we are extremely lucky that our daughter and son are able to attend. It has a magical environment, the greatest of all outdoor and indoor spaces with caring and nurturing staff. We wouldn’t consider any other nursery. Every need is met and more - our children love their nursery days.

  • Emma (Mum)

    What a place! The staff are well experienced and so friendly. The setting is second to none with amazing facilities and lots to do, so many toys, bird watching area, extensive grounds, tennis court the list goes on. Homecooked balanced meals and healthy snacks. It really is amazing and I'll be sad for my daughter to leave for school.

  • Andrew H (Dad)

    Esscroft has and is providing a wonderful start in life for my two daughters. The focus is on fun and play and lots of outdoor activity (when the Great British weather allows!), within a well structured and balanced early years framework. Both my daughters have established real bonds with their key carers and with their peers. They are thriving and it's great how the Esscroft team involve us as parents in our daughters' development and provide several opportunities during the year for us to get involved. The Esscroft summer party is legendary and a fixture on our calendar.

  • Sophie G (Mum)

    My son has attended Esscroft since September 2017. I started looking for alternatives to the traditional nursery that my children had attended. I began to look at pre-schools but needed longer hours and all year round childcare that many do not offer. As soon as I visited Esscroft and met the team I knew it was the right place for my son. The facilities are outstanding. My son is an outdoors-loving child and I was amazed by the grounds and play area. The staff are friendly, experienced and caring. As a GP my work commitments can be unpredictable which mean childcare needs can change. Esscroft has always helped to accommodate this. It was definitely the right choice. My son runs in and loves his days there. I no longer feel guilty leaving him as I know he enjoys it so much. My elder child asks why she didn’t go here! I could not recommend Esscroft highly enough. If you are looking for outstanding quality childcare and something a little different I would urge you to take a look.

  • Melissa (Mum)

    My daughter has attended the nursery for the last two years. She is thrilled to go every week and is disappointed for me that I can’t go! The nursery has a caring family feel and the staff go the extra mile for the children. Although the necessary paperwork is completed caring for and educating the children is the priority. My daughter has been taught a huge amount by the nursery in terms of education and has had fabulous experiences in the settings wide grounds. The setting has numerous rooms for play and education and a wide variety of outdoor spaces that the nursery uses to the full. Visiting Esscroft is a must. No description could do it justice!

  • Victoria W (Mum)

    Wonderful nursery which I can not recommend enough. Staff are amazing and really focus on the children and have fun while they learn. My child loves it at Esscroft. It is very reasonably priced. Such great outdoor areas for the kids to play. Never short of space my child absolutely loves it here.

  • Sarah G (Mum)

    My son has been attending Esscroft for 18 months and absolutely loves it. It was recommended to me by a friend whose son also attended. She "sold" it to me because of the caring ethos of the staff, the homemade dinners, the idyllic rural environment and a setting that caters for plenty of outdoor activities - including the "potting shed-cum-bird watching house", the merry-go-round, trampolines and outdoor play area. And I have to say, it has lived up to every expectation, and more. I leave my son at Esscroft 3 days a week, knowing he is happy, well cared for and fulfilled.

  • Kelly (Mum)

    Esscroft is a wonderful environment where children are invited to be themselves and flourish under the guidance of a team who truly care for all the children. In a magical setting, they spend lots of time outdoors in the pavilion, play area, tennis courts and gardens - outdoor space like this is unheard of in most childcare settings, it's particularly rare in Ilkley. Two of my children have attended, and I’ve been delighted with the care they have received.

  • Michelle C (Mum)

    My son has been at Esscroft for 1 year since he turned 2. It was recommended by a number of people who either had children there at that time or had used it in past years. We selected Esscroft after our first visits due to its amazing space and outdoor facilities and our perception of its caring environment. We have found it to be a unique and magical place where we know our son spends his days living what we would call a 'proper childhood', supported by wonderfully nurturing and experienced staff who really know and embrace his personality. We have used other nurseries with our children in the past and Esscroft is without a doubt the one that we would pick time and again. The focus is 100% on the child, their development, care and fun. Management and staff really do go above and beyond to make it a special place. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a nursery - It is the kind of place that sells itself through reputation and word of mouth and I always think that speaks volumes!

  • Marylyn B (Mum)

    My daughter has attended Esscroft for 8 months and just loves it. The facilities are exceptional, the outdoor areas are fabulous not only for playing but learning too. The management and staff are excellent, so friendly and caring and they are always accommodating to adding extra days, even at short notice which is a great bonus as so many nurseries cannot offer this. I cannot recommend Esscroft enough, it's by far the best nursery we visited and has surpassed all expectations.

  • Richard H (Dad)

    Both my children have attended Esscroft from the age of 2. I cannot speak highly enough of the Esscroft Team and the job they do. The outdoor space at the nursery is amazing and they use it as much as they can. The genuine care and affection the staff have for the children is second to none. Both my kids have been really happy there and I wouldn't hesitate recommending Esscroft to prospective parents.

  • Johnathan F (Dad)

    My two sons have been at Esscroft over the past 18 months. They both love it and have really flourished during their time at Esscroft. The nursery was recommended to us by previous users and as parents, we've been really happy with it. The staff are very friendly, it has great facilities with lots of indoor and outdoor space for the children to play and there is a relaxed atmosphere with the focus very much on the children having a fun experience. They particularly love the outdoor play area and the bouncy castle. It's also great value for money compared to other nearby nurseries. I would strongly recommend Esscroft to anyone looking for a nursery.

  • Chris L (Dad)

    My daughter has attended for over a year now, and we are really happy. She always comes home happy, the staff are very attentive and the whole operation right down to the food served is very good. They always have many activities, such as trampoline, mini disco, bouncy castles, and they have a great outdoor play area where the kids have plenty to do. Would recommend very highly.

  • Alistair M (Dad)

    I can't recommend Esscroft highly enough. Our daughter loves her time there and we will send our younger daughter there in September too. The staff are incredibly caring and the environment is exactly the kind of place we always hoped we would find for our children. It is a unique setting in that there is so much outside space, and it is really well used.

    We have seen our daughter progress very well during her time at Esscroft, but it is just as important to us that she has a lot of fun during these years and the incredible setting of this place gives it an advantage in enabling that to happen. We are really appreciative of the staff and their continual dedication to the care and development of our daughter and look forward to our youngest joining later this year.

  • Kylie A (Mum)

    My son has attended Esscroft for 18 months and He loves it. My son has learning difficulties and all the staff, especially one member of staff, have been excellent in accommodating his needs. The setting and facilities available are outstanding. The home cooked food always smells delicious. I would highly recommend this nursery.