Outdoor Learning

Esscroft Nursery Grounds

Our grounds provide a dynamic and natural space for learning and development, when outdoors all children have the freedom to explore and develop their physical boundaries, to take risks and to discover the real world with all their senses. This can have huge positive effects on a child’s self esteem and confidence.

The children have supervised access to the grounds every day, this allows the completion of a lot of their daily activities outside through choice. The grounds reflect the areas of learning, providing opportunities to explore and lots of variety of play to promote growth and development.

Outdoor Play Area

Esscroft Nursery is a truly unique setting, offering two and a half acres of outdoor fun and learning to our children aged 3-months to five years. A unique feature of Esscroft Nursery is our working carousel, the children adore this experience and carefully choose their mode of transport each ride. It builds their confidence, gross motor skills and promotes early communication and language skills, what fun!

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Staff provide good opportunities for children to benefit from physical exercise and fresh air. For instance, children thoroughly enjoy bird watching in a designated area.

Our Reading Den

Obstacle Course

Our outdoor play area provides our children with one of the best possible environments in which to learn. The opportunity for assessed risky freedom, where children can play and socialise freely and use their own imagination and initiative whilst developing the childs co-ordination, balance, body and spacial awareness. The children often initiate their own physical challenges and incorporate the outdoor equipment and resources to build obstacle courses for each other.

Our Trampolines

Mud Kitchen

Busy in the kitchen making delicious mud pies, using natural resources found during woodland walks in the outdoor areas, including: pine cones, twigs, leaves, stones and mud! Delicious!

We all enjoy a daily bounce on the two enormous, safe trampolines in the wonderful woodland grounds. Experienced staff develop counting, rhymes, songs, turn taking and confidence for the children through play on the trampolines.

Bird Watching

Bug Hotel

Woodland walks, whatever the weather, allow all the children to develop a love for the outdoors; often encountering wild rabbits, squirrels and numerous birds to build upon their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Our Outdoor Classroom and Bird Watching Station provide great opportunities for learning about the the world around us.

Outdoor Classroom

Nature Trail