Our Curriculum

Educational Curriculum

Exercise and Relaxation

The programme is designed to develop and extend physical co-ordination, balance, body and special awareness. It is aimed at giving each child a sense of well being, both physically and mentally.

Pre-writing Skills

Opportunity to develop hand/eye co ordination and manipulative skills through finger painting, crayoning, drawing, tracing and for the older child, beginner's work sheets.


To develop listening skills and an appreciation of rhythm through a variety of musical experiences. Children will make simple musical instruments.

Number Concept Work

123Initially learning through practical experience with regards to the individual's stage of development.

Art and Craft

Some of our work is centred on the 'Theme of the Month'. There are frequent opportunities for 'Free Choice' painting and modelling to enable the children to express their own thoughts and ideas.

Story Time

As well as group stories, there will be time for each child to be read to individually. This will help to develop communication and reading skills.


The aim is to help each child relate their own ideas and in doing so gain confidence within the group.

An Early Start to Science

To develop children's natural curiosity about their environment by providing experiences and opportunities to enable them to understand the world around them. Some of the work will relate to the 'Theme of the Month'.

Our Environment

A wider look at the environment and the people within it. We undertake local visits and parents are welcome to participate in these.

Curriculum Development Statement

We set out to assist all children attending our nursery reach their maximum potential. To asist with this we maintain an individual record of each child's development, showing their abilities, rate of progress and areas requiring our increased support. We are very aware of the importance of the correct play environment for children, so they develop good social skills. Planning of the learning experience is designed to ensure as much as possible the equality of opportunity for all children.