Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

You’ll be pleased to hear that snacks, lunches and dinners are healthy, wholesome and included in your Nursery Fees. All meals are freshly prepared and cooked in nursery, our cooks are also able to cater for any special dietary needs your child may have.

We offer a healthy snack both mid-morning and mid-afternoon, where the children select from a tasty variety of fruit, vegetables, breadsticks, crackers, crumpets; as well as milk and water to drink throughout the day.

Below is an example of the type of nutritious meals included in our monthly lunch and tea menu, a two course lunch at midday and two course tea at 4.30pm allows the children to sit together as a social opportunity and to try new foods.


Weekday Lunch Dinner
Monday Cottage pie/Fruit and natural yoghurt Picnic tea buffet/shortbread biscuit
Tuesday Jacket potato, tuna, cheese, beans, coleslaw Tomato soup and bread/smoothies
Wednesday Fish pie/Rice pudding Scrambled egg, toast/Ice pops
Thursday Roast chicken, vegetables, potatoes/jelly and ice cream Wraps with salad, ham and cheese/yoghurts
Friday Toad in the hole, veg and gravy Apple strudel and custard

Food Safety and Hygiene

At Esscroft Private Nursery we maintain the highest possible safety and hygiene standards with regards to the purchase, storage and preparation of food. The basis for this is risk assessment of the purchase, storage, preparation and serving of food to prevent growth of bacteria and food contamination. In May 2019, we proudly maintained our five star rating!

  • All staff involved in the preparation and handling of food have received training in food hygiene.
  • Food is stored at the correct temperature and is checked to ensure it is in-date and not subject to contamination.
  • Food preparation areas are cleaned before use as well as after use.
  • There are separate facilities for hand washing and for washing up.
  • Waste food is disposed of daily.
  • Children do not have unsupervised access to the kitchen.