Pre-School Learning for 3 to 4 Years

Pre School reading stories


The early years are critical to developing a lifelong love of reading. We work hard to find fun ways to help your child become a happy and confident reader.

Children are read to and read as a group both inside and outside. There is also the opportunity for supported reading individually.

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Children sit happily with staff and listen to stories during group time. This contributes towards them developing early reading skills and an interest in books.


Qualified teachers and staff cleverly plan fun-based learning ensuring all children make good progress in their learning. Children access a daily number activity, which is fun and physical and helps them to be active learners.

Each child learns and develops at their own pace, they need to feel confident about giving it a go. Praising children for their effort, increases confidence and makes them hungry to learn more.

All children make good progress and are well prepared for school. For instance, older children learn about phonics and mathematical concepts, such as shapes and numbers. Staff support children well and encourage them to explore their own ideas and develop their critical-thinking skills.

Phonics & Early Writing

Early mark making can take many exciting forms and at Esscroft we believe this life skill can be planned for inside and outside. Getting kids interested in phonics involves a lot of repetition but, it can also involve a lot of fun.

Phonics activities that turn practising letter sounds into a game of hopscotch or involve alphabet building blocks, help keep children engaged in learning letter sounds.

Children make marks with chalks, crayons, water and brushes, feet, hands and fingers as well as spaghetti, gloop and gel. All these sensory and messy activities allow children to practice their writing skills and begin to ascribe meaning to their marks.